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Daily Archives: November 13, 2013

Solar Eclipse from Uganda

The Sun’s disk was totally eclipsed for a brief 20 seconds as the Moon’s dark umbral shadow raced across Pokwero in northwestern Uganda on November 3rd. So this sharp telescopic view of totality in clear skies from the central African [...]

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What went wrong on Mars?

*WHAT WENT WRONG ON MARS? * Mars was once on track to become a thriving Earth-like planet, yet today it is an apparently lifeless wasteland. A NASA spacecraft named MAVEN will soon journey to Mars to find out what went [...]

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Solar activity today is low, but there is reason to believe the quiet won’t last. At least three sunspots pose a latent threat for strong flares. They are circled in this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: Just returning from [...]

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Upcoming event

*COMETS* Tuesday 19 November 2013 at 18.30 hrs Paola premises by Alexei Pace and Tony Tanti This is a good time to see comets if you have large binoculars or a telescope. Comet ISON is making the news however there [...]

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