L-Għaqda Maltija tal-Astronomija

Upcoming event: Astrophotography – final talk by Leonard Ellul-Mercer

ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY – IMAGE PROCESSING 29 April 2016, 6.30pm, VO Centre, Melita Street, Valletta – next door to “Bonnici’s printing press”.

Third talk from this set of three sessions by Leonard Ellul-Mercer.

Impressive solar filament - 3rd. May 2015

This talk is going to be based on a practical session where Leonard will show how to process an image with Photoshop starting from the LRGB .FITS format (stacked) images up to the final LRGB image. As we go along Leonard will show how to use Fits Liberator prog. prior to proceeding to Photoshop processing during which he will explain the most important applications like levels, curves, the histogram, colour balance, etc.

You are invited to bring your own laptop (fully charged!) to follow along. The raw data will be distributed prior to the talk ie. please come 15 minutes earlier.

The programs to have installed on your laptop should be FITS Liberator and Photoshop or equivalent.

A selection of Leonard’s images may be seen on his website leonardellulmercer.zenfolio.com and his online gallery https://www.flickr.com/photos/32733026@N08/with/23775608545

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