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Perseid shower observation

*UPCOMING EVENT* *PERSEID METEOR SHOWER MAXIMUMSaturday 12 August 2017 – from 10pm onwards at Miġra Ferħa (Imtaħleb l/o Rabat, Malta)* Location: goo.gl/maps/fz3zzNLnxX12 As with previous years, the Astronomical Society of Malta shall be organizing an observation night event on the [...]

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Partial lunar eclipse

*UPCOMING EVENT* *PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE* *Monday 7 August 2017 – at 7.30pm at l-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa* Location: goo.gl/maps/a5TyDZ9m9Lx Streetview: goo.gl/maps/JywFwa3PebE2 The Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy, in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of Malta, shall be organizing an observation night [...]

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