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Variable stars – lecture + observation

The Astronomical Society of Malta shall once again start hosting lectures on various astronomy subjects, delivered by various astronomers, followed by an observation night related to the lecture itself. The first lecture, regarding Variable Stars, shall be held on Friday, 26th of May, at 7.30pm, and shall be delivered by [...]

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The Insignificance of the Earth – talk by Mr. White

The experienced astronomer Mr. Geoffrey White shall be delivering a talk entitled “The Insignificance of the Earth” commencing with a historical bias starting with the ancient Greeks. The talk will then lead on about how the Earth was no longer seen as being at the centre of the universe but [...]

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Online course – Human Spaceflight

Christer Fuglesang, a veteran of five spacewalks and a professor of particle physics, will present a five-week online course on human spaceflight beginning on 23 January.. m.esa.int/Our_Activities/Human_Spaceflight/Online_course_on_human_ spaceflight_with_ESA_astronaut_Christer_Fuglesang [...]

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Reaching for the Stars: Astronomy and the Universe course

Applications to enrol within ‘Reaching for the Stars: Astronomy and the Universe’ close off within a few days. This evening course is open to the general public and starts off next month (February) until May. It starts off from the basics but quickly builds up deeper knowledge of astronomy. A [...]

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New paper published: Lightcurve Analysis for Three Main-Belt Asteroids

Following a peer review process, a scientific paper by Stephen M. Brincat – Flarestar Observatory entitled ‘Lightcurve Analysis for Three Main-Belt Asteroids’ was accepted and published on the front page of Volume 44-1 of the *Minor Planet Bulletin* (MPB). The MPB is a quarterly peer reviewed open-access scientific journal that [...]

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Astronomy Course November 2016

The Astronomical Society of Malta is once again organizing its Astronomy Course! To apply, kindly send your details including name, surname, ID card and email address to info@maltastro.org. If you have any problems, kindly inform us immediately via info@maltastro.org as well. Kindly note that attendance for this course is FREE [...]

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