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Reaching for the Stars: Astronomy and the Universe course

Applications to enrol within ‘Reaching for the Stars: Astronomy and the Universe’ close off within a few days. This evening course is open to the general public and starts off next month (February) until May. It starts off from the basics but quickly builds up deeper knowledge of astronomy. A [...]

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New paper published: Lightcurve Analysis for Three Main-Belt Asteroids

Following a peer review process, a scientific paper by Stephen M. Brincat – Flarestar Observatory entitled ‘Lightcurve Analysis for Three Main-Belt Asteroids’ was accepted and published on the front page of Volume 44-1 of the *Minor Planet Bulletin* (MPB). The MPB is a quarterly peer reviewed open-access scientific journal that [...]

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Astronomy Course November 2016

The Astronomical Society of Malta is once again organizing its Astronomy Course! To apply, kindly send your details including name, surname, ID card and email address to info@maltastro.org. If you have any problems, kindly inform us immediately via info@maltastro.org as well. Kindly note that attendance for this course is FREE [...]

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2017 Sky Almanac now available to order!

The 2017 sky almanac by the Astronomical Society of Malta is now available! This is an ideal Christmas present for all stargazers! Find out what’s visible in the night sky each month together with astronomical imagery shot from Malta by our very own ASM members. The calendar costs Eur 5 [...]

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Bright Asteroid Occultation visible from Malta (1/2 September 2016)

What is an Occultation? An occultation occurs when a solar-system body passes in front of a more distant object (e.g. a star or another solar system body), partially or totally hiding the more distant object and momentarily blocking its light. Each occultation can be seen only at the right time [...]

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Observing the Perseid Showers – 11th August

Have you perhaps ever wondered why meteor showers occur? Or have you ever questioned why certain meteor showers tend to peak during the same time of year annually? This year, the Perseid meteor shower is set for its best show in nearly 20 years You can expect to see up [...]

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