L.P.A.G. – Introduction


The LPAG has been recently formed within The Astronomical Society of Malta.

Its aims are to create first of all an awareness about light pollution and its adverse effects on man and on local fauna and flora. This will be done by the publication of several leaflets about the subject, together with the publication of an update to the guidance for outdoor lighting booklet which the Society had issued back in 1995.

Many outdoor lights waste energy by spilling much of their light where it is not needed, such as up into the sky. This waste results in high operating costs.

L.P.A.G. has come up with a set of guidelines for the protections of our night skies. Click here to read the guidelines.

The LPAG is studying the effects of light pollution on the flowers and fauna with local environmental groups in Malta. Various studies show that light pollution threatens the natural environment.

Various towns and counties have laws that focus on the light pollution Issue. LPAG has collected some of these laws and ordinances in this website . These will serve as guidelines and suggestions for new laws in other places.

Cottonwood ArizonaOutdoor Lighting Ordinance
District of Saanich“Municipal Outdoor Lighting Standards For The Control Of Light Pollution”
FlagstaffFlagstaff Lighting Code — Division 10-08-002 of the Land Development Code (LDC)
Town Of Richmond HillRichmond Hill LPA By-law — The Corporation of Town Of Richmond Hill
Palm DesertPalm Desert Municipal Code
Lombardy Region“Urgent Measures To Fight The Light Pollution And To Achieve Energy Savings In The Use Of Outdoor Lighting”
San Juan CapistranoSan Juan Capistrano General Plan

The LPAG has been officially listed within the Maltese Environmental Department.