Stephen Brincat discovers two new variable stars

Avid observer and Society member Stephen Brincat has reported his discovery of two new variable stars, both of which are located in the constellation Perseus. The discovery followed weeks of careful observations of the two suspect objects and analysis of the data. Both variables are of the EA (Algol) eclipsing binary type.

  • Variable UCAC4 735-019611: A star of 16th magnitude; it has a range of 0.55 magnitude and a period of 2.1 days.
  • Variable UCAC4 736-020428: A 15th magnitude star with a range of 0.5 magnitude and a period is 1.2 days.

The entries in the International Variable Star Index can be found at: 


We congratulate Stephen for this significant achievement. A detailed account about the discovery will published in a future issue of The Big Bang magazine.

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