L-Astronomija f’Malta (Ktieb)

Title: L-Astronomija f’Malta
Author: Professor Frank Ventura
Publisher: Pubblikazzjonijiet Indipendenza
Language: Maltese
Format: Book (Illustrated), 300 pages
Publication Date: January 2002
ISBN: 9993241288
Price: Lm5.75

This fascinating award-winning book describes the development of Astronomy in Malta from prehistory to the present. It is a very detailed account of all the events and persons that forged Malta’s astronomical heritage. The topics discussed range from the prehistoric temples of Mnajdra to the visit of English astronomer William Lassol in the 19th century and the birth of The Astronomical Society of Malta. The book goes on to describe the work that was produced over the years by members of the society and concludes with an optimistic look at the future of astronomy in Malta. This is an engaging book written without any technical language. Those who love astronomy, the history of astronomy, or the history of Malta should obtain this wonderful publication.

NOTE: The Society does not sell or own copies of this book. If you are interested in this book we suggest visiting your local bookshop.