Inauguration of ISSA and ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Inauguration of The Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) will be inaugurated on 24 September at 1900hrs at the University of Malta Valletta Campus. This event will feature opening speeches by the Minister of Education, the Rector of the University of Malta and the Director of ISSA and followed by a public talk by Nobel laureate Prof. George Smoot, title ‘The Big Bang Theory’, who you might remember from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, as well as winner of a $1 Million cash prize on a TV-Quiz Show. Refreshment will be served after this public talk.

*Abstract of the talk ‘The Big Band Theory’ by Prof. George Smoot* Using our most advanced techniques and instruments we sift through light coming to us from all parts of the Universe. To understand the birth of the Universe, we separate and study the light emitted soon after the Big Bang, called the cosmic microwave background. This has allowed us determine what happened over billions of years with amazing certainty and accuracy. Some of the findings are surprising. A continuing mapping of the matter in the universe allows us to check this in detail and gives us the concepts for even more ways to trace the history of the Universe, from its earliest stages to the present. This talk will be a review of the current state of cosmology based on observations, and the mysteries still to be solved.

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