The Milky Way project

Have you ever seen the Milky Way, that band of light made up by countless thousands of stars within our own galaxy? If not, then you are affected by light pollution. A dark sky is key to seeing the Milky Way – so head towards our countryside for a totally different sight of the heavens!

As stated in the IAU/UNESCO Starlight Declaration, an unpolluted night sky that allows the enjoyment and contemplation of the firmament is considered a fundamental socio-cultural and environmental right of all citizens.

It is also an IYA 2009 tenet that the night sky continues to be an inspiration to humankind and its contemplation represents an essential element in the development of scientific thought in all civilisations.

In view of the above (and also due to the fact that today there is an increasing number of photographers in Malta who have no specific interest in astronomy per se’ but have shot great Milky Way photographs) a new Facebook page has been created which aims to act as a repository of Milky Way images shot from Malta and Gozo. This page will serve to document the state of the Milky Way from Malta and Gozo over the years.

Join in today and upload your images!