The Insignificance of the Earth – talk by Mr. White

The experienced astronomer Mr. Geoffrey White shall be delivering a talk entitled “The Insignificance of the Earth” commencing with a historical bias starting with the ancient Greeks.

The talk will then lead on about how the Earth was no longer seen as being at the centre of the universe but merely one of the planets of the solar system. Emphasis then switches to the vastness of the universe and how some distances are measured whilst looking also at images of various celestial objects which can be seen at this time of year.

This talk is targeted towards members of the audience with a fairly elementary knowledge of astronomy whilst those more familiar with the subject will be able to further their knowledge. The talk will be supplemented with the use of plenty of visual aids. Delivery will be fairly informal so that the audience will be able to ask questions and make comments during the event.

The talk will take place at Stella Maris college, Upper St. Albert str., Gzira on Friday 3rd March at 18:30!

Clear skies and see you next week!