Members’ Observation Night

Join us for our February Members Observation event. This will be the second of our Members events this year after the January ‘Apollo 8 Talk and Members’ Get Together’.

If you are a member and have a telescope or any imaging equipment you are welcome to bring it along. Committee and society members will be present on the day to assist everyone on how to best use their equipment. Those who would love to start their journey in astronomy, or simply come for an observation of the night skies, are also very welcome to join.

We hope to see you all at 7pm on Friday the 15th of February for this open-air event.

The location of the event will be sent by email to all members at a later date.

Some celestial targets for the night shall include, among others: the planet Mars, the Moon, M42 (the Orion nebula), M45 (the Pleiades cluster), M31 (the Andromeda galaxy), M82 & M81 (the Cigar Galaxy and Bode’s Galaxy ), and M44 (the Beehive cluster).