50th Anniversary since Apollo 11 + Partial Lunar Eclipse Event

This collage of images from the Apollo 11 Moon landing shows Buzz Aldrin posing for a photo on the Moon (left), and setting up the solar wind and seismic experiments (middle). The image on the right shows the plaque the team placed on Moon to commemorate the historic event. Image credit: NASA | › View full image collection

This year 2019 marks 50 years since mankind first set foot on our nearest cosmic neighbour, on the night between July 20th and 21st. As such the Astronomical Society of Malta is organizing an event on July 16th, starting off with a talk by Dr Gordon Caruana Dingli at the KSU common room at the University of Malta.

An extremely interesting exhibition of memorabilia and other items related to the moon landings shall be set up by Mr Alessandro Bajada at the KSU common room itself for all those attending to view. Some other related items, such as the Moon for All Mankind initiative, shall also be displayed.

The event is limited to 200 attendees only, and attendance should be confirmed by booking.

Places shall be reserved on a first come first served basis. If you are attending with your family, kindly fill in a form for every attendee separately. Please note that attendance for members of the Astronomical Society of Malta is free of charge, whilst attendance for non-members is against a fee of €5.

On the day, a partial lunar eclipse shall also be visible from our islands. As such, after the talk itself, all those attending are invited to head outside with us to observe the partial lunar eclipse itself.

These are the relevant eclipse events in local time:

Partial Eclipse begins: 16 Jul, 20:43:51
Maximum Eclipse: 16 Jul, 22:01:43
Partial Eclipse ends: 16 Jul, 23:30:44

We look forward to seeing you all there!

In this image collage, the Apollo 11 lunar module is shown on its descent to the Moon (left), on the lunar surface as Buzz Aldrin descends the stairs (middle), and on its ascent back to the command module (right). Image credit: NASA | › View full image collection