Observation Night: Messier Marathon

Please note: That this event has moved to 2nd November.

The Astronomical Society of Malta is organizing another observation night event at Dingli Cliffs. The exact location will be confirmed at a later date.

This time, the observation will be centred around the observation of Messier objects. The Messier catalogue contains 110 relatively bright deep sky objects, published by Charles Messier in 1771 as a list of non-comet objects to help him in his search for comets.

A Messier marathon is an event intended to last an entire night, with the aim being for astronomers to observe as many Messier objects as they can in a single night!

Not all Messier objects will be visible on the day, but we will attempt to observe as many of them as we can! We will be bringing along telescopes with which we shall be observing Messier objects, but anyone attending is welcome and encouraged to bring along their own telescopes!

See you all there!