Astronomy Beginner Course – April 2021

Great news!

We are really excited to announce the dates for the astronomy beginner course.

We have decided to split the course into four 45-minute lessons. Yes! That’s right. 4 lessons to start you on the path to becoming an amateur astronomy hobbyist.

In this course you will learn:

  • how to navigate the night sky
  • how stars are born and die
  • how the planets and moons formed
  • what galaxies are made of

The lessons will be held online via Google Meet and after each lesson, we will have a 15-minute talk on telescopes and equipment related to what has just been discussed.

The course is open for all ages and the great thing about it is you do not need any background knowledge of astronomy to attend.

Here are the course dates:

12th April 2021 @ 7 PM CEST – Introduction to the Night Sky

16th April 2021 @ 7 PM CEST – Solar System, Planets, and Moons

19th April 2021 @ 7 PM CEST – Stars: Life and Death

23rd April 2021 @ 7 PM CEST – Introduction to Galaxies

The course is free for members to attend.

If you are not a member, follow this link to join the Astronomical Society of Malta. It costs €12 for a one-year membership.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Astronomical Society of Malta