A Night with the Galaxies – Public Event

The excitement is building as the island universes await for tomorrow evening’s much awaited Night with the Galaxies 🤩

Join us as we round up April with large telescope to look through, computerised telescopes to see deeper into the universe, scientists on site ready to talk us through it all, and much much more ✨

ASM cannot wait to welcome you all from all over #malta for this spectacular Public Event.

Having to pass through crowds of people to walk from one telescope to the next is such a fantastic and encouraging feeling ❤️

Despite the mist fogging up the starry skies, an impressive amount of you turned up to enjoy #GalaxySeason right along with us, for a night of lunar close-ups, nebular wonders and galactic captures 🔭✨

Remember, this event is only one star in a sky of adventures that await you as an ASM member 👉https://www.maltastro.org/joinus/