May Event – Spot the Cluster! – Postponed

Due to bad weather being forecast on our initially planned 19th May, we will be hosting our monthly observation event on Friday 26th May ⚠️

We look forward to meeting you for what should be an exciting night of cluster hunting with many telescopes on sight 🔭

New date -> FRIDAY, 26th May from 1900 hrs till late. The location will be shared with ASM members only via email

ASM is ready for a May all about Star Clusters, as we dive deep into these stellar nurseries for our May observation event 😍✨

This month, ASM is teaming up with anyone willing to bring along a telescope and join in on a search for Omega Centauri! This star cluster only peaks above the horizon for a couple of days once a year 🤯🔭

Following the amazing time we had last month, we have decided to couple this event with a talk leading up to our observation night! Details will be shared very soon.

Photos from the event

We were pleasantly surprised by last night’s amazing outcome, hoping for favorable weather conditions. Our main objective was to observe the elusive Omega Centauri, and we successfully achieved our goal! Numerous telescopes were pointed towards our Galaxy’s biggest star cluster. We sincerely appreciate everyone who joined us.