Venturing into the Cosmos – An evening at the Event Horizon

24th October 2023 at 19.00 hrs

As we continue our journey through the cosmos, it is time to dive deep and learn all about Black Holes. Be sure to tune in to this much anticipated evening seminar, as various speakers along with Ethan German from the University of Sheffield will be guiding us through all of the exciting science being done to understand these cosmic giants.

Join us online to dive deep into the event horizon and learn all about Black holes!

ASM Members also have the option to join this event physically!

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Post-event update

With yet another successful round of Venturing into the Cosmos, our Evening at the Event Horizon took us deep into the cosmic mysteries of black holes and gravitational waves.

ASM hopes you enjoyed the evening! A massive thank you to Ethan German for teaching us all about black holes and his research.

Next up is our observation night! Finger crossed for clear skies so that we may tune into the Universe with members this coming Friday 27th October.