Basic Astronomy Course for Deaf People

The Astronomical Society of Malta will be organizing a special introductory Astronomy course for students who have difficulty in hearing and who are members of the “Ghaqda Persuni Neqsin mis- Smigh (Malta)”. A special interpreter will be present during each talk. The course will be held at the deaf club premises at Dar Joe Vassallo, Lascaris Wharf, Valletta situated only a few doors away (toward Valletta) from the Malta Maritime Authority building (found at the bottom of the hill coming down from Boffa Hospital, Floriana). The language used will be Maltese. Each talk lasts for only half an hour and observations (weather permitting) will be held close by.

Any Society members interested in attending (free of charge) kindly inform a committee member as we need to know the total number of participants due to the limited facilities present.

Friday, 26 April  
6.00- 6.30pm“Il- barra mis- sistema solari: kwiekeb, trabijiet u gass”(Prof. Edward A. Mallia)
6.45- 7.15pm“Il- kwiekeb”(Mr. Mario Aloisio)
Friday, 10 May  
6.00- 6.30pm“Il- kostellazzjonijiet u kif naghrfuhom”(Mr. Saviour Grech)
6.45- 7.15pm“Il- galassja taghna (Milky Way) u galassi ohra”(Mr. Stephen Brincat)
Friday, 24 May  
6.00- 6.30pm“L- Astronomija f’ Malta”(Prof. Frank J. Ventura)
6.45- 7.15pm“Bdejt ninteressa ruhi fl- Astronomija. Issa x’ naghmel?”(Mr. Ray Pace)