Recent ASM Activities

Victor Farrugia (panel, first from right) at Science in the City

Basic Course in Astronomy

The Basic Course in Astronomy came to an end last Saturday with a lecture by Leonard Ellul Mercer on the subject of astrophotography. The course started on 16 October with a lecture by Sandro Lanfranco on the history of astronomy. Other lecturers were Stephen Brincat, Alexei Pace, Professor Frank Ventura and Tony Tanti, and the subjects discussed included the Sun and the solar system, the stars, deep space and astronomical instruments. An observing session was also held which was attended by over 50 people. For images click here.

Summer solstice at Park tal-Majjistral

The activity at the Park tal-Majjistral has become an annual event, and this year’s was a great one. Society member Leonard Ellul Mercer delivered an inspiring and practical talk about astrophotography. He shared some of his incredible images taken from his home observatories with those present. Alexei Pace led the night sky observation session and guided the participants through the night sky. Enthusiast Alessandro Bajada then set up all his telescope through which the planet Saturn, Comet PanSTARRS C/2012 K1, M13 Globular Cluster, the fantastic Dumbbell and Ring nebulae were observed.

SEAC 2014 Conference

Professor Frank Ventura and Alexei Pace delivered presentations during the SEAC Conference which was held in Malta between 21st and 27 September 2014.

Prof. Ventura delivered two talks – ‘Reading messages from the past: Assessing symbols in archaeo astronomy’ and ‘Investigating the orientation of the entrance to the prehistoric Xaghra Circle in Gozo, Malta: exploration and motivation’, the latter jointly with Daniel Cilia and Tore Lomsdalen.

Alexei Pace’s contribution was on ‘Light pollution – problems and solutions in a small island state.’

Science in the City

Former Society President Victor Farrugia participated in a discussion on 26 September 2014 on ‘Aliens: Would we recognise them?’ as part of the activities organised for Science in the City this year.