Perseid Meteor Shower Observation

Saturday 12 August 2017 – from 10pm onwards at Miġra Ferħa (Imtaħleb l/o Rabat, Malta)


As with previous years, the Astronomical Society of Malta shall be organizing an observation night event on the night of the shower’s peak, between the 12th and 13th of August. This year, we shall also be collaborating with the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy, and we shall be going to Migra Ferħa to observe a few Perseid meteors!

Due to the waning gibbous moon, unfortunately only the brighter meteors will probably be visible. Since the peak of the shower shall be between 2-4am, we are starting the event late at around 10pm. However, we shall also be setting up telescopes to observe other objects in the sky, including the planet Saturn. Additionally, we shall be setting up cameras to take widefield images of the Milky Way early on in the night as well!