The Big Bang No. 131 (October 2021)

The October 2021 issue of the Society’s magazine The Big Bang has been published.

In this issue of The Big Bang:

Editor’s Brief

  • Celestial ceiling of New York’s Grand Central Terminal

Feature Articles

  • Betelgeuse’s mysterious dimming of last year explained – by Tony Tanti
  • Astronomy in Dante’s La Divina Commedia – by Tony Tanti

Observers’ Logbook

  • Eruption of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi
  • Meet Maltese astronomers

Is-Sema fil-Poeżija: Poeżiji ta’ Noel Fabri

  • Qamar imdawwal
  • Il-kwiekeb donnhom qed iħarsu lejna

Sky Diary

  • Venus at its best appearance for 2021
  • Ceres passes by Aldebaran

Sky Agenda

  • Autumn 2021

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