We’re on TV!

The Astronomical Society of Malta and the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) at the University of Malta have been invited on the popular TV show “Kikkra Te” on NET TV to deliver a series of talks on astronomy and astrophotography.

Here is the schedule which starts Monday 24th January at 4:30pm with our very own Ramon Curmi, Vice-President of the Astronomical Society of Malta. Don’t miss them!

Here is the upcoming programme schedule. Once available we will post the link to watch it on demand again.

Monday 24th January at 4:30pm: Ramon Curmi – Observing and Imaging Equipment
Watch here: https://netondemand.mt/play/27549 (watch from 3 minutes into the TV programme)

Wednesday 2nd February at 4:30pm: Kurt Catania – Image Acquisition and Processing
Watch here: https://netondemand.mt/play/27558 (watch from 58 minutes into the TV programme)

Monday 21st February at 4:30pm: Dr Kristian Zarb Adami (Director of ISSA) – JWT (James Webb Telescope), The SKA (Square Kilometre Array) and SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence)

Monday 7th March at 4:30pm: Dr Jackson Levi Said – Understanding Gravity

Monday 21th March at 4:30pm: Miguel Andrea Zammit – Exoplanets

Monday 4th April at 4:30pm: Andrew Finch – Gravitational Waves

Monday 18th April at 4:30pm: Anastasia Seifert – Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)

Monday 2th May at 4:30pm: Dr Andrea Demarco – OPTICA