The Big Bang No. 136 (January 2023)

The January 2023 issue of the Society’s magazine The Big Bang has been published.

In this issue of The Big Bang:

Editor’s Brief
The nuns who helped map the stars

Feature Articles
Discovered: Parts of Hipparchus’ long-lost star catalogue – by Tony Tanti
Il-papiet u l-astronomija – minn Tony Tanti

Observers’ Logbook
Scenes from October’s partial solar eclipse
Mars, glorious Mars
ZTF (C/2022 E3): a promising comet for the winter
New ephemerides for 450 exoplanets

Is-Sema fil-Poeżija
‘Żriegħ il-kwiekeb’ minn Anton Buttiġieġ

Sky Diary
The year’s best lunar occultations
Venus and Jupiter, together

Sky Agenda
Winter 2023

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