The Big Bang No. 140 (January 2024)

The latest issue of the Big Bang Magazine is out now! Be sure to read it to learn all about the spectacular events occurring in our local space community!

In this issue:

  • Editor’s Brief: Origins and meaning of the 12 months
  • Feature Article – Explainer: Coronal Mass Ejections of the Sun
  • Feature Article – From obscure to iconic: Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra
  • Is-Sema fil-Poezija: L-Ghodwa ta’ Dun Karm Psaila
  • Observers’ Logbook: Meeting in the Sky
  • Sky Diary: The year’s best lunar occultations
  • Sky Agenda: Winter 2024

As always ASM would like to thank Tony Tanti for his continued contribution and quarterly compilation of this fantastic astronomical magazine.

The Big Bang Magazine is only available to members of the Astronomical Society of Malta.