‘The Big Bang’ No. 110 (April 2015)

The April 2015 (No. 110) edition of ‘The Big Bang,’ the quarterly magazine of the Astronomical Society of Malta, has been published. Here are the contents of this issue: On the Cover: Image of Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 by Michael Nolle; Editor’s Report: ‘Some centenaries for 2015′; Feature Article: ‘General relativity’ by Tony Tanti; Observers’ Logbook: ‘Comet Lovejoy thrills observers,’ ‘An extremely long filament on the Sun,’ ‘Brown dwarfs.’ Sky Diary: ‘Mercury shines brightly after sunset,’ ‘Observing Earthshine (or Da Vinci Glow).’ Sky agenda winter 2015. If you would like to join the Society please download the membership form from the ‘Join Us page’ and follow the instructions therein. Thanks.