The Big Bang No. 132 (January 2022)

The January 2022 issue of the Society’s magazine The Big Bang has been published.

In this issue of The Big Bang:

Editor’s Brief
Book review:  ‘We went to the Moon’ by Gordon Caruana Dingli

Feature Articles
Antonino Saliba Nuova figura di tutte le cose… (1582) – by Frank Ventura
A Sirius Celebration – by Tony Tanti

Observers’ Logbook
The giant planets’ splendid summer and autumn show
Properties of slowly rotating asteroids from the CIT Model
Christmas Comet Leonard

Is-Sema fil-Poeżija
‘Il-Qamar u Ommu’ minn Annibale Preca

Sky Diary
The year’s best lunar occultations
Asteroid 7 Iris in Gemini

Sky Agenda
Autumn 2021

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