Perseids on a Midsummer Night (Malta event)

Upcoming event on the 13th of August at Migra l-Ferha, Malta

From Gozo straight to Malta just a day later, ASM hopes to enjoy the Perseids even more as we look to the cosmos on this meteoric night.

Be sure to come along on Sunday the 13th, as everyone is welcome to join ASM for a night of learning and wonder, whilst we witness the beauty of the Perseids.

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Post-event update

Being surrounded by people who are all keen to observe the night skies through a telescope is a feeling that inspires ASM.

Our Perseids in the Midsummer Sky (Malta edition) was an unforgettable night, although we were hampered by severe light pollution. We observed nebulae, Saturn, and most of all, gazed at the beauty of the Perseids meteor shower.

ASM hopes that you enjoyed such an exciting weekend as much as we did.

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