Perseids on a Midsummer Night (Gozo event)

Upcoming event on August 12th at Dwejra, Gozo.

The Perseids hold a special place in the ASM calendar, with some of our best attended events having been to witness this wondrous meteor shower.

This year is no exception! As ASM has planned not one but TWO events to enjoy the Perseids weekend, starting with a trip to Gozo.

Join us during this public event as we look to the skies in the hopes of a spectacular meteor shower well into the night.

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Post-event update

Dwejra has always been a special place for ASM, and it continues to astound us all as a beautiful place to enjoy our night skies. Unfortunately, however, lack of proper enforcement on various activities happening on site took a toll on this year’s enjoyment of the Perseids.

Thankfully, those who attended were still able to catch Perseids later in the night when some of the offenders’ lights were switched off.

ASM hopes to keep enjoying dark skies from Dwejra for many years to come. So be sure to join us on this journey into the stars.